Why Jerry's

Hello, I’m Heleen Swart.
I grew up with dogs.
When I left home to live on my own, Jerry came into my life; she has died now. But she lives on in the name of my business. In 2002 I found Skitsie in Sicily. The three of us, Jerry, Skitzie and I, started professionally in 2004: Hondenuitlaatservice Jerry.
Before I became a professional dogwalker I had studied packs. I lived with many friends and many different dogs. I read up extensively on dogs and studied specialist literature.
I am a certified dogtrainer issued by the Dutch Kennel Club and I earned my Martin Gaus certificate for walking dogs.
To give you an idea of what life with Jerry is like, have a look at the films and pictures on Jerry’s Facebook page. You won’t want to stop watching the various packs of dogs walking and playing.